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Responsive Images Plugin for WordPress (using SRCSET)

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Earlier this year, I came across the “srcset” tag, and was intrigued by the benefits that it offered and allowed for when it comes to making images “responsive” on the web. I did my research, and an a fan of the work done by In fact, they have their own version of a responsive image plugin made for WordPress. However after using theirs, and doing my own research I was disheartened to see that it only worked for images that are assigned as the featured item. This meant that it would not “fix” all the images across a blog from the hundreds of other posts already created, with lots of images built into the content region. This was not good enough for me…

So that’s when I sat down and whipped up a little plugin that take care of this problem. Essentially it looks over your entire post, searches for any image tags, then replaces it with a newly rendered version that includes the necessary “srcset” tags. This plugin will allow for on-the-fly image resizing to the new size needed, and will automatically work with any previously uploaded images as well.

This is how your image code looks for a smaller image:

screenshot-1 And this is how it is rendered for a larger item: