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Peter Stevenson

Lancaster, PA, United States


Talented and Knowledgable - by
September 16, 2014
Peter is the most all around talented and most knowledgeable front end guy I've ever worked with. His web skill set is broad and his intellect is sharp . He is a hard worker and passionate about what he does.Thank you Pete for the numerous things you've taught me while we worked together.
Amazing Website Designer - by
August 22, 2012
Peter is an amazing website designer! He not only uses modern, minimalist concepts and creative ideas, but listens to your needs and desires throughout the design process. You can't go wrong in choosing Peter to design your website.
Understands Requirements - by
May 18, 2012
Peter is one of the most talented students I have worked with. His ability to grasp the requirements for a project and deliver on what was said and what was not said, is a gift. His design work for the signage at the Taylor University library has not only left the library in better condition than when he arrived, but has become an example for other libraries.
Excellent Designer - by
April 14, 2011
He had excellent computer skills and artistic design. He was always able and willing to help out with small projects whether he was being paid to do it or not. He was a great friend, but also a very impressive designer.
Brings Passion to his Work - by
March 1, 2010
Peter definitely brings his passion into his work on a daily basis. Compared to others with whom I have worked, his passion for art and graphic design are unparalleled. Peter has a vision for unique, fresh, and eye-catching work that is manifested in his website designs and artwork. This is especially true according to the ways in which he redid the Chicago Christian Counseling Center's website. Employing Peter's talents and skills is an effective beginning to successful results.