A Dark Room add-on: “A Dark Village”

Recently I came across a simple, yet amazingly fun web game called “A Dark Room”. I become addicted to the game, and yet, once I beat the game, I felt like it needed more, I was missing something. Being that I am mainly a designer, I thought instantly of the visuals, and so I set out to create my own add-on to allow for visuals to be made of the game! Here’s how to use it:

  1. Drag this link to your bookmark bar:
    “A Dark Village”
  2. Go to the game here:
  3. Click on the bookmark you just put on your bookmark bar from step 1.

That’s it! Assuming that you did it right, the add-on I created will show up for you in-game. I modified the game enough that it should for the most part be completely playable through my addition. However if it does present an issue, you can always just hit the close button (in the top left) or refresh your browser. If you do refresh your browser, you will need to click on the bookmark again to get it started.