Monthly Archives: January 2019

Let’s talks Apps

We’re here, coming into 2018 and there seem to be mobile apps for just about anything that you could possibly want, right? And yet, daily there seem to be new apps coming out. Perhaps, with all these apps, even as an individual, or as a company you find that specifically what you need, just does not exist, or worse, you don’t think it’s even possible. Let me encourage you, with 2018 right around the corner, there is a LOT that can be done. Just about any app you can dream up is possible, it just may be very complicated to create though. If this is already seeming to complicated, I would suggest that you contact me and I can help you step through what options best fit your needs.

So where do we start? First it is important to really narrow down the primary goals and functions of the app to determine which direction to begin. In many cases it makes most sense to build on a starting platform or framework to help expedite the flow and truly get into the core content/functionality that you app with use. On the other hand, depending on the need, or if going for a completely unique experience, it may make most sense to throw all that out, and start from scratch, with a completely custom user interface and all.

So lets talkĀ specifics with frameworks. For mobile applications, I have found good results using Cordova based tools, such as Ionic and Framework7. Desktop application development can work fast and expedited through the use of Electron, which is essentially application development built on top of Chromium. These options can get heavily debated due to their nature as hybrids apps, but I would still recommend most of them for general apps, as they truly offer strong functionality built quickly, and with lots of support.

A new comer though in this process of application development, for both mobile and desktop would be that of Progressive Web Apps, or PWAs for short. These are essentially, super powered websites. As many tools have moved to going web focused, but lacked the benefits of local installed apps, PWAs look to alleviate this by providing extended functionality to help these act more like an installed app. This include having shortcut icons on your home screen, working offline, and even supportingĀ notification features.

Are you ready to start on your custom app now? Let’s talk, and see what I can help provide and build for you.