Monthly Archives: November 2018

Are websites still useful?

Let’s be honest, for most people, they are more likely to get on their phone, and browse through one of their many apps, without ever even touching a website. Websites are slowly seeming to become a thing of the past, with dedicated applications being the norm. But does this mean that websites are practically useless? Not at all! As I recently wrote about, Progressive Web Apps are growing, and being pushed by Google making them all the more relevant. But this isn’t about that, but websites in general. There are different types of websites, with very different goals and possible outcomes from them. A common one, which is seem all over are your typical marketing sites. These are sites that are either informational, or about advertising. Most business have sites like these, that describe and advertise their services.

Besides that, as websites are growing in their application usage, they become more and more used as truly independent tools. Anywhere from basic calculations to complicated cloud operations, performing advanced logic on the server so the user can offload that work from their own system, as well as having backups they don’t need to manage. About anything an app can do can be done via the web as well, and already using the tools an platforms we are already accustomed to, so there is a small learning curve when transitions to the new site.

So let’s talk, what website or tool can I make for you?