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Logo Design: Waypoint Tracking Solutions

I was approached by a friend about doing some design work for a private investigator(PI), from mailers for marketing, business card designs, and even the logo of some other business ventures as well. Specifically in regard to Waypoint Tracking Solutions. The concept is unique, as it is not only about selling a product to an end-user, but specifically marketing towards other PIs who can take advantage of the product available.

So to start the project, I started with developing an idea for what was desired of this project. What colors, imagery, and wording was to be used. The main concepts were to use a globe, with a “waypoint” which specifies a location. Expanding on this, I came up with multiple variations of logos which were founded on this idea, some of which took it very basic, others of which were more thoroughly thought through.

Here is where the logo design began that I presented to them:

Waypoint Tracking Solutions | Initial Logo Design

Initial Logo Design


From here the client thought that they preferred a few aspects of the different logos. I pieced together the globe along with the map pins with smaller icons in them, with the text alongside it:

Waypoint Tracking Solutions | Logo Revision

Logo Revision


This really helped narrow down the final logo to use for Waypoint Tracking Solutions. The final changes were pretty small, involving the change one one of the icons, and the main change was the text treatment. I created four variations of the logo to be used by the client. There are versions designed to be used on a light color, and a dark color background, with the text mark both under the logo, and to the side of it:

Waypoint Tracking Solutions | Final Logo Design

Final Logo Design

So after that, here is the official final version of this logo:

Waypoint Tracking Solutions | New Logo

New Logo


After this was done, and the logo was officially approved, it was ready to be used on the client’s website, as well as on the other designed pieces in which I had to create next. Overall, the process of design went smoothly, much of it as a result of the clear and precise communication and expectations set forth from the client.