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Brittany Kay Interior Decorating Logo Design

Unlike my typical projects for clients, I had the opportunity to develop a logo for my wife’s side business of interior decorating. This business is not to be confused with that of a design firm, who often create their plans and projects revolving around the physical space, and hardware of a room, but specifically about the objects, accessories, and little details which give that touch of finality to a space. This can be anything from a house in the living room, bathroom, kitchen, or even a professional area such as a your work office. There is nothing more calming during the stressed of a work day than having an office that gives off and portrays the comforts of home.

To be honest, this was a second round of logo design for this project. The first designs turned out alright, but were created more out of necessity, and did not have the elegance and appearance that is intended for a decorated space. It needs to be professional, using modern techniques and standards, while not becoming too machine like, as to imply that it still has that hand-made feeling, which references what will be done for the person’s project.

This project used purple as the main colors, and a faded yellow as the highlight item to this, as were the colors pre-decided on for the branding. So what does that look like? Here is where it started:

Brittany Kay Interior Decortating | Initial Logo Design

Initial Logo Design


This was a good start, and gave a definite preference for where to take the design of this logo. So I experiment more with different variations of “hand-written” text treatments, and versions of a “BK” symbol:

Brittany Kay Interior Decortating | Logo Revisions

Logo Revisions


This previous round of changes helped to clear up the desired look for this logo:

Brittany Kay Interior Decortating | Final Logo Design

Final Logo Design


And here at the end the logo had the design it needed. It had just the right amount of a delicate, hand done touch, while holding to a clean and ordered structure as well. The combination of elements allowed for it to be separated into different pieces as well to be used where applicable. Such as the circle letter-mark as a profile image on social media, and the text can be used as a signature based item on certain design elements as well.