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Brittany Kay Interior Decorating Logo Design

Unlike my typical projects for clients, I had the opportunity to develop a logo for my wife’s side business of interior decorating. This business is not to be confused with that of a design firm, who often create their plans and projects revolving around the physical space, and hardware of a room, but specifically about the objects, accessories, and little details which give that touch of finality to a space. This can be anything from a house in the living room, bathroom, kitchen, or even a professional area such as a your work office. There is nothing more calming during the stressed of a work day than┬áhaving an office that gives off and portrays the comforts of home.

To be honest, this was a second round of logo design for this project. The first designs turned out alright, but were created more out of necessity, and did not have the elegance and appearance that is intended for a decorated space. It needs to be professional, using modern techniques and standards, while not becoming too machine like, as to imply that it still has that hand-made feeling, which references what will be done for the person’s project.

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Logo Design: Waypoint Tracking Solutions

I was approached by a friend about doing some design work for a private investigator(PI), from mailers for marketing, business card designs, and even the logo of some other business ventures as well. Specifically in regard to Waypoint Tracking Solutions. The concept is unique, as it is not only about selling a product to an end-user, but specifically marketing towards other PIs who can take advantage of the product available.

So to start the project, I started with developing an idea for what was desired of this project. What colors, imagery, and wording was to be used. The main concepts were to use a globe, with a “waypoint” which specifies a location. Expanding on this, I came up with multiple variations of logos which were founded on this idea, some of which took it very basic, others of which were more thoroughly thought through.

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