Recommended: Google MapBuildr for Easily Plotting Locations

Today’s recommended tool is the Google MapBuildr, which has an easy to use interface allowing the creation of custom google maps. Includes pretty much any stylization customizations you would expect to have control over, and even allows for saving of your project to edit it later if needed.

One of the cool features is the drop down of “Snazzy Map Themes” which give the ability to change out the map texture to a multitude of custom ones. This can either be for just personal preference, or for professional reasons of better theme matching. With over one-hundred options to choose from, there is no short of variations to fit your specific need.

  • Use MapBuildr to create Google Maps without the need to search through hefty API docs.
  • Easily plot locations using Coordinatr. Simply point and click and you’re done!
  • Create and store as many maps as you need, all completely free.

Start Mapping: