Search Engine Optimization

Why SEO?

Search engine optimization(SEO) is comprised of many smaller modifications that help to make a site more respected by search engines for their content, and therefore they appear higher in search results. By doing so, this creates a higher flow of visitors to the site, ones with interest in your content, which will result in it becoming a possible lead for your services/products. SEO is important because it allows a website to be found. If there are no optimizations done and the site is hard to find, it can easily be overlooked, or buried under other sites, even when your site is sincerely offering better content, design, and overall quality. So, it is my desire to not only create an incredibly useful site, but to make sure that it is actually used for what it was designed.

Get Found

Having a good SEO structure will get you found on major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This is beneficial in making sure that your site gets traffic to it, with the aims of turning those visitors into leads or sales.

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Site Optimizations

To achieve a reputable standing with the major search engines, there are a number of optimizations which improve both search engines' view of your site, and improve the usability for users in multiple ways. Some of the items that I fix, create, or optimize are the XML site map, titles, descriptions, alt tags, h1s, h2s, robots.txt file, page redirects, schema setup, social media integration, Google Plus Authorship and Publisher, page speed testing, duplicate content, 404 errors, site caching, image optimization, file minification, along with other miscellaneous items. While much of this can be avoided, or taken care of during the initial build of the website, some items may come into existence later on, or actually exist due to other, non-expected issues that can be seen using features from Google Webmaster Tools.

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Is Social Media Useful?

Yes. In fact, there are many sites with aggressive social media efforts who as a result see one-third to a half of their traffic actually coming from social media platforms. Even if it's not a huge traffic source, we know that search engines have recognized the usefulness of social mediums, and for each social signal will actually help to make your site grow in significance. I recommend the usage of Google+, FaceBook, LinkedIn, and if wanting more involvement, even Twitter ,YouTube, Pinterest and Reddit. Google+ has become a great beneficial source, as it also integrates with Google Places, YouTube, and other items as well. Using it we can also integrate Google Authorship and Publisher which allows you to take credit for the content on your website, linking to your account, while also having the chance of your icon showing up in search results.

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Analytics Tracking

Google Analytics is a powerful tool which helps to understand who is using a website, how they are using it, and where they are coming from. I can set this up and help to understand how to leverage the information available to benefit your website.

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What's the Next Step?

Just setting up a website is not the end when it comes to SEO. One of the best methods of creating traffic is a continual updating of content, such as a blog. Contact me if you'd like to learn ongoing strategies for growing your traffic and user base.

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