Dynamic and Powerful

To many, to word "programming" itself seems like some sort of extremely complex concept. In reality it is just the actual writing out of a logical process, one step at a time. Once the semantics are learned, we are then left with the opportunity to create extremely powerful tools that are designed to not only deliver more useful content, but do it with ease as well. Programming allows visitors to the site to have more control over what they are viewing, or how they are doing it, which helps them to more easily find what they are searching for, and enjoy the site further. As for managers of the website, it also allows them to easily control and update the website when they desire to as well.

Content Management System

Using a content management system(CMS) is one of the most simple ways to keep a website easily editable, up-to-date, and therefore keeping the content fresher for the user. While I can implement the usage of multiple CMSs for usage, I would recommended WordPress for the majority of cases, as it is very powerful out of-the-box and easy to navigate when updating! This allows for easy updating to pages, blogs, and news feeds. With some modification, we can set it up to edit staff members, galleries, banner images, and many other items as well. Besides the obvious benefits to this, it also creates a great opportunity for SEO benefits through adding updated content.

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The Benefits

One of the most desired benefits of a content management system are the ability to instantly update content. If there are any changes, or new items you want to add, there is no waiting for me or any other support team to schedule your change, you have the ability to update content when you want. Even if you are not the most technologically proficient, the CMS does the heavy lifting so that you can focus on content. As for custom applications, their functionality will be created by me, but likewise their data can all be controlled by you, like any other page on the site. This would include items like different locations on a Google Map, galleries pictures/titles, or even comparison charts.

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Custom Applications

The benefit to website tools, over printed items is the dynamic capabilities to update content or options at the click of a button. I can create interactive maps showcasing all your store locations, including search functionality to find the closest location. Custom galleries with customizable categories, titles, and descriptions are common and help to highlight recent work your company has accomplished. Comparison charts can also be used to help users easily view details about products or services, sortable by any columns. These are a few example, and there are countless other opportunities to take advantage of a website for tools you need or desire. If you have any ideas, contact me and we can discuss it further and in detail.

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