Web Design

Keeping the End in Sight

Design is the foundational element from which the rest of the website, and your overall web presence. Unlike much of traditional design though, website design is more than appearances, it is the planning that goes into everything that goes into the site, including the code structure, interactivity, the desired functionality, search engine or social media goals, site optimizations, call-to-actions, lead generation, and even down to the hierarchy of pages. All these things need to work together, in all aspects of your website to create the best results. To best achieve these goals, we must first communicate the desires and expectations from the website. From here we can design the site that can truly fulfill your business needs.

User Experience Design

There is so much more to a website's design than just the way it looks, and users will likewise judge a website on all those things as well, which is why we must focus on the user's experience. While the visuals are important, the bigger picture that needs to be addressed is how the site is being used. This includes everything from the navigational structure, layout of linkable areas, how call-to-actions are placed, to the pacing of content on a page. The end goal is to create a pleasant and intuitive experience that is easy to understand as well as being fun to use.

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Your Branding

The appearance, feel, and impression you give off is very important. I build with your current branding standards in mind, making sure to hold to any restrictions you have set. Or perhaps you have no current branding limitations, and are open to any design, or even the possibility of creating a new standard for your brand. This design of your brand will be held across the entire site, as well as any designed items that are not specifically on the site. This includes social media, emails, or any other relevant items that you may have.

Your brand is important in allowing your visitors to instantly recognize your site and related items. Doing so helps to build more brand awareness, and keep it as a memorable item in their mind. Just because you have a brand though, doesn't mean that the boundaries can't be pushed to create something new and fresh, in fact, pushing those limits will keep it from being “more of the same” and continue to hold interest by users.

Maybe you fall into the select few who literally have no branding at all. If so, we can discuss the possibility of designing you logo, stationary, business cards, and helping to develop your branding. From here we can then take these items and delve into the process of designing your website to match as well. Contact me to discuss these options further.

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Interactivity and Animations

While animated regions can easily be done very poorly, and be more of a gimmick than an actual asset to a site, truth is that there are many beneficial and legitimate reasons to use them. In animated banners the main benefit is that of creating a beautiful landing page, while highlighting multiple key pieces of content that best pertain to what you desire your users to know. This is an excellent area to create a few call-to-actions driving users to take advantage of everything your site has to offer. There are a ton of interactive possibilities, but another common usage is creating galleries which can be slid through, or controlled by category.

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Mobile and Responsive

Mobile websites are great solution to having varying devices that access your website. By creating a new website specifically designs for mobile devices, it allows us to create a better experience for the user. Helping them find what they really want while on-the-go can turn them into a lead, instead of losing them due to an non-optimal experience. When developing mobile websites, it is important to keep focus on the user's goals, and doing so it is usually best to remove the extra features, and narrow down the content to it's core parts.

In that past few years a new trend of responsive websites has really started to take off, and is now a part of my standard website building. This solves mobile/tablet/browser size concerns by dynamically resizing the website layout on the fly based on the available with. This method also is beneficial by only having one website which needs to be updated and managed, and will not confuse the user as it does not have two separate URLs for the desktop and mobile version. If you have any questions on how responsive can help you reach more visitors, contact me for more information.

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Custom Emails

Emails can both be a great asset, or a very spam-like nuisance. I can create custom email templates for either marketing purposes, or for simple contact forms, but the concern with email is to not allow it to be an area of frustration to your users, where they get so many emails that they don't even want. Email templating, just like full websites, have the challenge of compatibility among readers. I build cross-compatible emails, holding to standards, while still implementing enjoyable designs that are fun and simple to use. Many overlook email design as a non-essential part, but a good email design will actually help to reinforce your brand, and continue to offer a quality experience to the end users.

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