Post Script Responsive E-Commerce Template for OpenCart

Post Script Responsive E-Commerce Template for OpenCart

Since OpenCart 2.0 has come out, it fulfills the goals of my theme, therefore I am no longer supporting it at this time.

Post Script is a Opencart Theme I created based upon the responsive Skeleton grid. I went through and changed out almost all the front-end structure to work cleanly at all size.

My goal was to recreate a basic theme, which also allows for someone else to be able to easily modify and adapt and change styles out to meet their needs. With a little bit of work, this theme could be completely overhauled in appearance, while still holding to the current skeleton structure.

I tried to improve some item’s default style by making them more mobile friendly, such as the mobile side nav. I also went through and replaced the majority of the JavaScript libraries with new plugins, or write my own JS that works more effectively responsively.

Built using…

  • OpenCart
  • jQuery v1.7.2
  • jQuery UI 1.8.16


I am releasing this free to use as you see fit, however I would appreciate being contacted to let me know how you used it, and hopefully with a link to see it in use!